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‘No one ever excels in great things, who does not first excel in small’
St. Francis Xavier

I begin to wonder where am I? What have I done? Have I made a difference? I have my family and my friends around me but why do I feel emptiness? Lord where are you when I need you the most?


Sometimes, actually most of the time, age is not a definition to feel this way. Even in the bible we have episodes where Jesus has felt this way and there are many other instances where we read about how Jesus turns to his Father for answers.

What do we do? Do you have anyone to turn to? A friend, a parent… just about anyone? Have you experienced the feeling that sometimes they listen, sometimes they hear half heartedly? Sometimes not even that. Most of the times, they tell you what you should do…. An understanding, non judgmental friend is someone we all seek. Even Jesus never judged us. He spoke to us through parables, then examples and left us to choose.

How relevant is this in today’s world!

The Bible teaches us to be true to ourselves. Just like St. Francis Xavier says in his teachings, through the Lord, Feel compassion for everyone. However, in this we need to feel love for ourselves first then we can love without expectation.

Authors: Sheriffa Dlima and Aloma Budhabhatti
Website: https://www.happyspace.online/