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Family and Expectations

‘When trying to evangelize, no tool is more effective that of personal witness. People argue with
points of doctrine but no-one can argue with a personal testimony’
St Francis Xavier

Born as the third sibling in a normal family she was her father’s pet, his lucky charm some said. The she came into this world life changed for this family. The father got a promotion and experienced a lot of successes. While she was turning to be the apple of her father’s eye she was continuously being bullied by her siblings and other family member’s for not being fair like the rest. This gave her a sense that she didn’t belong with the family. Her mother didn’t defend her much. She turned to God and started praying for there is where she found a solace and acceptance.

Prayers gave her the much-needed strength as her father worked far away from home and she had to wait for months to seek his love attention. She was growing aloof, wondering it was her fault for not matching up to the expectations set by her family. The need for seeking validation and trying to be the best led her to become a people’s pleaser and although she made everyone else happy around her, she was often left alone and unhappy from within.

Yet she kept on the charade. The last nail in the coffin was, when she was reprimanded by a close relative at a family gathering for a dark skin. This totally crushed her self-esteem. Although, she excelled in most areas of her life she was still left with a void. As she grew up this emotional baggage would trick her into making poor choices.

Sometimes we don’t realize how family atmosphere, friends and society can have a profound effect on your mind and body. All these negative moments and events are picked up by your sub- conscious mind making you lead a life with emotional suppression. This creates mental and emotional blockages prevent you from moving ahead.

Spirituality and life coaching helps people to understand how and from where these blockages have stemmed up and change the meaning of these events making them positive. Our programs work deep in your mind and help you unleash.

Authors: Sheriffa Dlima and Aloma Budhabhatti
Website: https://www.happyspace.online/