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Family: Power of Prayer

‘Prayer is powerful it fills the earth with mercy and makes the Divine clemency pass from
generation to generation, right along the course of the centuries. Wonderful works have been
achieved through prayer’
St. Francis Xavier.

Looking out of the window I was waiting for her to return home all happy and ecstatic. She had gone along with her grandpa to visit the church fair. This should have been a fun filled outing for the little one.

Suddenly, I glanced to the road from my window and saw grandpa return alone. My heart skipped a beat and the chills ran down my spine. I rushed down to find out where she was. She was young where could he have left her? As I confronted him, I learnt that she was lost. I was taken a back and shocked. I was numb and I cried out, “Lost! She’s lost?” Amongst the chaos in my mind, I recited the Psalm 23, The Lord is my Shepard…

I began to run towards the church bear footed to find her, a thought crossed my mind that she was at God’s place and that he would definitely send an angel to protect her. Right so I saw her walking towards me with an old man who was assisting her to reach home. Who else could that man be but an God sent angel? The power of prayers may never be understood, but definitely experienced.

Authors: Sheriffa Dlima and Aloma Budhabhatti
Website: https://www.happyspace.online/