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Personal Development: The Awakening

‘All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children.’
Isaiah 54:13

The Lord has blessed us with a son. Praise the almighty, they rejoiced. Their little daughter watched them with tears in her eyes. Ma you've forgotten me, she said. Her dad picked her up and said no dear it's just that he's so tiny. We need to take care of him. You are his big sister so now it's your responsibility.

She was all of 5, but she was happy, daddy called her big sister. Do you as a 1st born resonate with this? As the children grew, she noticed her responsibility increase. You are a girl you need to do this. By why she asked, why can't he help? He's a boy, they don't do it. You will be married and will go to another house so you need to know. but WHY THE DIFFERENCE? she asked. Many a times this question is ignored. Our fears overtake our rationale.

Although, even in today's world 21st century we educate our girls in academics and skills needed to run a family... we fail to educate our boys to respect one and all. A housewife is treated as someone who needs to be there 24 x 7 even if she is a working person. Can she not get tired? Can she not enjoy a day just doing what she wants? When she goes shopping can she put her needs before others? Why do we point fingers and judge her when she wants to do things for herself? Their son grew up pampered. He was sickly and they were always afraid that things would go worse. As he grew up, he noticed the difference and believed this was normal. It was ok to shirk work, studies, duties all in the name of I'm not feeling well. Undue advantage. Teenage led to wrong company, bad habits but the parents ignored this as he's a boy, but the girl got a strict hand as she was to go to another house.

She walked out one day to make her life. She couldn't bear the difference. He continued losing himself to bad habits. One day after many years the sister who had succeeded in her endeavours to better herself, called her little brother and invited him to her home.

They spent a week together. Both families his and hers. Their children bonded. He watched them and it dawned on him, why did I waste these years. He decided to study further and make something of himself. His children looked up to him, he had to prove himself to them.

But 1st he needed to look in the mirror and say to himself I WANT THAT CHANGE. Life coaching is all about creating positive affirmations for oneself, but is that enough? Will this lead to consistency in the affirmation, unless backed up with actions. This is where we step in to push you to achieve the impossible and shape your affirmation into a reality.

Authors: Sheriffa Dlima and Aloma Budhabhatti
Website: https://www.happyspace.online/